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St. LOUIS — Back to a major movie shot in St. Louis: it begins streaming worldwide today on services like Apple TV, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play Cable on demand, just to name a few. It’s called “All Gone Wrong.”

“After a rookie undercover cop is gunned down in a drug bust gone wrong, the veteran agent in-charge is put on leave and begins an unauthorized investigation into the failed deal, leading him to a pervasive drug network operating under the surface in a rural town,” is the synopsis of the film.

The writer and director Josh Guffey says he wrote the first draft of the movie in 2008. The movie took almost 15 years to complete.

Guffey says that the movie is about “an undercover cop going on leave after a rookie partner is killed and the drug bust goes wrong,” said Guffey. “[The cop] does an unauthorized investigation into all the circumstances.”

Two names to watch in the movie are Tony Todd, who is known for his role in “Candyman.” Guffey said he also cast his friend Jake Kaufman.

Kaufman is the lead of the film, played by Chris. “He’s been with me on this journey. He read the first draft of the script way back in 2008, and he’s been with the project ever since,” Guffey said.

Guffey and Kaufman have been working hard to get the film completed.
The majority of the film is shot in Frenchtown, Saint Charles.

“There’s like a 5- to 6-square block area where we shot most of the scenes. I say that if you’re watching the movie and then if you imagine turning the camera 90 degrees, you’ll probably see where another scene was shot, and then, you know, the big climax of the film is in Granite City,” Guffey said.

They shot at the retired side of the steelworks factory. They shot another scene at Dave’s Diner in downtown South County, where Guffey is from.

Guffey said that when you watch the movie and look closely in the background, you can see people on their porch just watching the shooting. He says, “It’s been really, really fun.”

The movie is out today and available to stream on Apple TV, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, Google Play, and Cable On Demand.