EXCELSIOR SPRINGS, Mo. — Amazon is reportedly making changes in the wake of a driver’s death this week in Ray County, Missouri.

A dispatcher working with the company tells FOX4 drivers now have the ability to put warnings about dogs during deliveries in the system alerting other drivers to potential dangers.

Amazon didn’t respond to inquiries regarding the matter.

Neashya Wright used to be an Amazon delivery driver. She said she was always on the lookout.

“Looking for bowls, leashes,” she said.

Now she’s on the lookout in a different way, at Heartland Delivery Services as a dispatcher for Amazon drivers.

“I’m there with a map in front of me and it shows me every move that they make throughout the day,” Wright said.

It’s where she met the driver killed in rural Ray County Monday.

“He always came to work ready to go at all times,” she said.

Wright said he was a veteran driver, who trained new drivers on protocols of safe and efficient delivery.

“I’m like hey Jamie you are only 10 stops ahead today you feeling all right normally he’s 20-30, 40 stops ahead,” Wright said.

She wasn’t dispatching for him that day, but has questions how it took neighbors spotting the van hadn’t moved for hours to find that he died in an apparent dog attack.

Since his tragic death she’s seen changes from drivers.

“Yesterday they were making sure they were letting me know what’s going on constantly,” Wright said.

“We have a paw print system within Amazon that is now being added to every delivery that allows drivers to know to beware of a dog on that property,” Wright said.

She’s made a post about her friend Jamie Burnam she hopes reaches customers.

“I want customers to understand that if they are expecting packages please please put up your dogs,” she said. “We can reattempt a package delivery but we can’t replace a driver.”

Right now the Ray County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this as a dog attack, but say it will take between 8 to 16 weeks for a cause of death to be determined.

The bodies of the two suspected dogs involved killed by the Sheriff’s Office have also been sent in for a necropsy.