Amazon, UPS, FedEx employee parking lots targeted by vandals


ST. LOUIS – Law enforcement agencies on both sides of the river are working together to see if a rash of car break-ins are connected, as a series of vehicles on employee distribution parking lots were targeted including FedEx, UPS, and Amazon.
Authorities say car thefts at employee parking lots are becoming a big problem across the area. Bommarito Automotive Group SKYFOX was over the scene in the 400 block of Barton Street  Friday morning at a food service lot as St Louis City Police responded to several cars that were broken into.

Cellphone video provided to Fox 2 News shows damaged cars at the UPS employee parking lot in Earth City, according to an employee. In the last two weeks, there have been dozens of cars hit by vandals with personal items stolen, including cash, wallets, cellphones, and purses.

One employee who did not want to be identified discussed the recent thefts. 

“Lots of people are getting their cars broken into. It’s been bad the last two weeks. Once, a whole car was stolen but recently it’s been break-ins, and the windows out and rummage through the cars. In some cases, they are looking for people to get their registration so they can get the title of the car,” the employee said.

Authorities say last week around 2 a.m., the St. Peters Police Department responded to a  report of approximately 32 vehicles which were broken into on the lot of Amazon in the 4000 block of Premier Parkway.

Investigators say all of the vehicles were locked and the suspects broke windows to gain access to the vehicles. Across the river, in Sauget, Illinois, Fox 2 learned that dozens of cars were also targeted on the FedEx employee parking lot. 
The Pontoon Beach Police Department says an investigation is underway as multiple vehicles were also hit overnight on the parking lot of Amazon. According to the police chief, at least 13 cars had windows smashed and personal items were stolen.

The chief sent a dire warning to drivers.

“Take any items out of your vehicle. I would not leave anything in it. Do not leave your key fob. We do get a lot of thefts around the holidays,” Police Chief Chris Modrusic said.

“So, any items leave out of site and make sure they are not visible in your vehicle. Put them in the trunk. No firearms in your vehicle. Most times, they do target vehicles for firearms. We don’t need guns to get in the wrong hands.”

Police would not confirm if they believe the cases are linked.

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