ST. LOUIS – The Ferguson Police Department reported Wednesday that they believe the 12-year-old girl is safe and with someone that she knows.

Ferguson Police Chief Frank McCall said they are reclassifying the case as “Runaway juvenile,” and it is not a random act.

An Amber Alert was issued overnight for a 12-year-old Berkeley girl who authorities believe was kidnapped as she left her middle school in Ferguson on Monday afternoon. Police found the vehicle she may have been in Ferguson at around 12:15 pm Wednesday.

The 12-year-old is identified as Natonja Holmes. The Holmes’ mother said her daughter tried to run away Sunday night but she intervened. According to the police, the mother said Holmes was in contact with her older sister before she was reportedly missing on Monday.

At the time, the mother was unable to provide further information about the older daughter.

Police were able to obtained surveillance video Tuesday from Ferguson Middle School. In the video, it showed an unknown woman guiding Holmes by the arm into a blue minivan. Authorities said the minivan had no license plates. 

The unknown woman in the video was wearing a pink hat and turquoise leggings. Investigators at the time were looking for two female suspects.

The mother looked at the video and said she did not recognize the woman who was guiding Holmes into the vehicle which led to an Amber Alert being issued.

After the police located the vehicle, the owner of the blue minivan contacted police on Wednesday, and they were able to gain information regarding the incident. McCall said they reached back out to the mother and asked her if she was aware that the woman in the surveillance video was her older daughter. He said the mother answered, “Yes.”

The Amber Alert has now been cancelled by police.

The Ferguson-Florissant School District out of caution of the incident on Monday said there will be more school district security as well as additional Ferguson police officers on and around the Ferguson Middle School campus.

McCall said it is still an ongoing investigation. He encouraged anyone with additional information to contact the Ferguson Police Department at 314-522-3100.