ST. LOUIS — As near triple-digit temperatures spike across the St. Louis region, Ameren Missouri is reminding customers to conserve energy. 

Ameren said it has more field crews out to fix any outages, and other crews are working around the clock to make sure the power grid doesn’t get overwhelmed. 

“What can happen is we have transformers and other equipment on the system that can overtime age and stress with overloading. That can cause them to fail. In the case of that happening, we have people who monitor the grid 24/7, and of course, we also have people in the field who respond to outages and repair things if they break,” said Lucas Klein, director of distribution at Ameren.

Ameren is also asking people to try and save energy by not using ovens and not using air conditioning as much when they are not home.

Summer camps are also having to do their best to keep kids cool. A St. Louis Girl Scout camp called “Samp Fury” allows girls to discover what it takes to be first responders. The camp is also making sure the girls stay cool.

“We are very flexible and we roll with the punches. So all the activities that require the girls to be in full firefighter gear, we’ve moved those activities to the mornings so we can try and get it done before the heat exposure in the afternoon,” said Catie Carr, co-founder of Camp Fury.

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