AmeriGas customer finally gets propane after flying back from Arizona


WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Even as the cold weather has come and gone, AmeriGas customers reaching out to FOX 2 about not getting their propane deliveries on time. A Wentzville man flew home from Arizona on Sunday to make sure the propane he paid for in advance would finally be at his home today.

Darren Totten had been in Phoenix the last few months taking care of his mother. With his propane tank dangerously low, he flew back to Missouri on Sunday hoping AmeriGas would finally show up.

“I ordered it on Feb. 6 and I had heard nothing, no delivery,” he said. “I started calling them the second week of February to see how they were doing on that and on the 18th they said it would be delivered. Nothing came. The 20th they promised again, so that’s when I had to drop everything because this tank was at 10%.”

On Monday morning, AmeriGas finally filled Totten’s propane tank. But not after some obstacles to get it.

“I dropped everything in Phoenix to get up here to take care of everything with this propane issue,” Totten said.

Those obstacles came at a serious cost for Totten and his girlfriend, who is staying at his house in Wentzville while he’s been away caring for his mother on the other side of the country since mid-December.

“It was also a financial hit when they didn’t show up on the 18th because my girlfriend is living here and she had to take a day off work,” he said. “When they were a no show, she had to take a hit to her bank account.”

AmeriGas sent FOX 2 a statement saying, “Unfortunately, our services and deliveries were delayed for several days due to the weather. We have been working diligently to bring these services back to normal operation. We appreciate our community and customers for remaining patient during this difficult time.”

Totten is thankful he finally got his propane tank filled and the customer service he received Monday but said he paid hundreds of dollars in advance for his propane online so he could avoid this type of situation.

“I wanted to have a deposit down so they’d have no excuse for them to not deliver it,” he said.

For now his tank is full and he plans to head back to the desert to care for his mother.

“The house is warm and business is taken care of, so I can head back to Arizona and take care of mom,” he said.

If you find yourself in the same situation, Totten advises people to be vocal.

“Reach out to corporate. Their Facebook page. Leave comments,” he said. “Don’t hesitate to shout out even if it involves a local TV crew because they don’t want bad PR.”

The weather has been a major factor in AmeriGas deliveries. With the roads clearing up, we’re told AmeriGas is doing everything to get caught up and keep their customers safe and happy.


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