ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The historic rainfall from Monday night to Tuesday morning caused catastrophic flooding which led animals to die at two animal shelters in St. Charles County.

Animals and a worker from the Elm Point Animal Hospital in St. Charles were trapped inside.

“Oh, it was absolutely terrifying,” said Ashley Miller, a worker from the Elm Point Animal Hospital. “I have never felt like I was going to die before, and at that point I did. I thought I was going to drown. Thank God, that door never closed. If that door had closed, we would have been done.”

First Responders were able to release the entrapped worker and moved 30 dogs who were housed in the basement to upstairs at the animal hospital. They reported one dog die in the flooding.

In St. Peters, Stray Paws Rescue had 10 puppies die and 15 dogs were found with standing water up to their necks.

“The water was probably about four feet deep whereas the bigger dogs, they were probably about chest high when we got in there,” said Linda Roever, President of Stray Paws Rescue. “I got here about the same time as the fire department did. We were able to get everybody out except for the puppies.”

The 15 dogs who survived were sent to Animal Talk Medical Center in Wentzville.

“Obviously, they were scared, and they did really well,” said Jacob Lucas, Veterinarian from Animal Talk Medical Center. “We got them set up with some nice dry bedding and food and water and they settled down really nice. There is a couple we need to get a closer look at still with some scrapes, but they were stable when they came in.”

St. Charles County residents dropped off supplies to Stray Paws Rescue.

“I am just so impressed with the support that we’re getting from everyone,” said Roever. “Veterinarians and animal groups. It’s just been overwhelming and makes it a little easier to take.”