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ELLISVILLE, Mo. – Summer is in full swing, and with the heat, comes the cicadas.

“They do not come out in as-large of numbers so although they do make a lot of noise. It’s not nearly as noisy as those periodical cicadas,” said Dan Zarlenga, regional media specialist for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

The periodical cicadas come out every 13 years like the Brood X on the east coast. The annual cicadas come every summer starting in late July, which is when they start to make their mating sound.

“When the females lay their eggs they deposit them inside the twigs, the little small branches on the trees and if the tree is really young, it might possibly cause damage to it,” Zarlenga said.

Zarlenga encourages homeowners to keep young, more vulnerable trees covered to keep bugs out.

Cicadas “wake me up in the morning” Wildwood resident Hanna Cruz said.

Cicadas are still loud and will annoy residents for weeks to come.

“I really don’t like cicadas. I don’t like bugs in general, but I think cicadas are very gross,” said another Wildwood resident.

As much as they are annoying, the bugs are still doing some good.

“The nymphs aerate the soil and the adults are food sources for a lot of different animals,” Zarlenga said.

The periodical cicadas will emerge in the next few years and they are expected to be larger and louder in 2024.