Annual Redbird Rookies event held Saturday afternoon


ST. LOUIS – The Redbird Rookies program held an event Saturday afternoon where children and volunteers said it was a great way to connect.

Redbird Rookies landed at Busch Stadium for the program’s annual event.

“Running, catching the ball, hitting, getting to base, it’s pretty fun,” Colin Beacham said.

He added that he learned a lot about baseball.

“If we don’t learn about stuff, then we can’t pass it on to the next generation, so they can learn about it too.”

The program is made possible through Cardinals Care. It’s an opportunity for children between the ages of 5-13 to play baseball and softball.

“They play baseball and softball on-field. We provide equipment and uniforms for them. Then, off the field, we like to hit on health education cultural, arts scholarship, and mentorship, so all of our programming off the field includes one of those pillars,” Cardinals Care Manager Amanda Small said.

More than 20 vendors and tons of volunteers made it all happen. Traci Napier was fitting kids for bike helmets.

She said the kids were “very excited. They’ve all been very cooperative and lots of please’s and thanks you’d and it’s been a great time working with the kids and families this far.”

Logan Hackney got a helmet and explained what else he liked.

“I’ve seen so much stuff and I think the wheels are my favorite,” he said. “Because you get prizes just for spinning.”

Small was happy to see the kids in the program outside playing the game.

“To see the kids come in, and all the hard work they out in this summer payoff, and get to leave here with bags of goodies, and supplies is really fun.”

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