ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A pedestrian was killed at the intersection of Chambers Road and Green Valley Drive just after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday. 

In addition to Tuesday night, 11 people have been killed in fatal pedestrian crashes in the last five years on Chambers Road. 

“When streets are wider and straighter, people treat it like a highway,” said Cindy Mense, chief executive officer for Trailnet. “Many people don’t go the speed limit because it’s like a highway.” 

Mense has worked with MoDOT and city leaders to help create safer accessways for pedestrians and cyclists in the region. 

“Chambers is one of the more dangerous streets,” she said. 

The 11 deaths on Chambers Road account for about 10 percent of the fatal pedestrian crashes in St. Louis County. Three of those fatal crashes happened at the same intersection on Tuesday night. 

Safety improvements are coming to Airport Road, which turns into Chambers Road. In September, county leaders announced more than $5 million would go toward adding bike lanes, new traffic signals, wheelchair-accessible ramps, and repairing sidewalks and curbs. 

The driver in Tuesday night’s crash is cooperating with the police.