ST. LOUIS – Gas prices continue to climb and break records nationally and locally.

As of Saturday, the nationwide average is $4.45 per gallon, the highest cost ever reported by the American Automobile Association. In St. Louis, AAA reports another record with gas costing $4.25 on average in the metropolitan area.

Missouri sits comfortably below the national average but has seen a big hike in recent weeks. According to AAA Missouri, the average gas price sat at $3.61 per gallon last month. The state average now stands at $4.04 per gallon. It also rose 16 cents from last week along. Across the river, Illinois has it even worse reaching on average, $4.81.

Many drivers are frustrated about the spike, including one man from Texas who drove to St. Louis for a job, shelling out double than usual.

“Gas prices are so high, on the way here, I made sure once it touched half a tank, I went in filled back up. But even that was almost 40-50 dollars, it’s not 10-20 dollars like it used to be, so it’s bad,” said Driver, Antoine Watson, “I spent $250 to get here.”

Rising prices are hitting at an especially bad time given that in just a few short weeks roads will be packed with memorial weekend travelers.

Experts say some easy ways to save a little money on gas include slowing down, avoiding premium gas and doing your homework by comparing prices to find the lowest price where you live.