ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – The Animal Protection Agency of Missouri is closed Wednesday in Olivette after a security incident Tuesday night. The organization had to activate their “Dangerous Person Protocol.” They say everyone is safe, including the animals.

The APA is expected to reopen for adoptions Thursday, April, 20. They are taking Wednesday off to let staff recover. Mental health professionals will be available for APA staff.

The APA released this statement about the incident.

“We have solid safety procedures in place and our staff responded perfectly. We are grateful to the Olivette Police Department for their quick response. We understand that events like this can be very traumatic, so have closed for the day in order to allow our staff time to recover. We have also arranged to have mental health professionals onsite to support team members who would like to speak with someone. The animals will be cared for and given extra love, but we are closed to the public and plan to reopen tomorrow. We want to thank the community for the outpouring of support.”

APA shelters are in crisis and are asking for help as dog population increases a record 159%. Over the weekend, the APA took in 38 dogs alone, and they keep on coming. The majority of the dogs that need adoption or fostering are larger dogs.