ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Lots of Oktoberfest events took place over the weekend. But people and their pets were celebrating ‘Puptoberfest’ out at Tilles Park on Sunday (Sept. 26). The Canine Carnival benefits the APA Adoption Center in Brentwood.

Josie Sandbach adopted a rescue named Freddy from the APA a few years ago.

“He was four months old,” she said. “He had actually gotten stuck in a fence, but him and his siblings were all found outside as strays. A couple of them were stuck in a fence and him and mom were taken to the APA and he just kind of fell into our laps.”

Sandbach has a heart for animals.

“I find that a lot of dogs don’t get a good first start when they’re out on the streets or in improper homes,” she said. “Then they get put in shelters and can sit for months at a time. It’s just so good to pick an animal that needs a better home, Freddy got a great home.”

The Canine Carnival not only celebrates the bond between people and their pets. It also raises money for the APA Adoption Center.

“All of those funds will help animals in need and help us do the important work that we do,” Sarah Javier, President & CEO of the APA Adoption Center said.

From the music to the food vendors, educational opportunities and of course all the dogs, there was something for everyone at the 30th annual Canine Carnival.

Purina Farms assistant dog trainer Jess Wilmes put on a couple shows. She had some words of wisdom for dog owners struggling to get their pets to behave.

“The most important part of training is consistency,” she said. “Making sure the rules are always clear for the dog or else. You’re kind of confusing the dog in a sense if they can jump on you, but can’t jump on your guests coming in the door. That can be confusing. So whatever the rules are, just make sure they’re clear and also make sure they’re fair to the dog and make sure the dog understands them.”

The event cost $20 for adults, while kids and pets could enter for free. The goal was to raise about $25,000-$30,000 for the APA.

Each year, they help about 5,000 pets who are homeless find wonderful, loving homes. Pets could not be adopted at Sunday’s event, but they did have some adoptable dogs walking around Tilles Park. People can come into the APA seven days a week. Click here for more information.