OLIVETTE, Mo. – APA shelters in Olivette and Brentwood seek adoption and foster parents as kennels overflow with a record number of dogs.

“Since January 1, we have seen over 1,300 animals come into this location alone,” said Javier. “Which is an increase of 159 percent over the same time last year.”

A 2-year-old named Vinnie came to the APA a few weeks ago.

“The person who found him kept him in their home overnight while they waited for us to open,” Javier said. “He’s a great cuddler, got along with their other pets, and really is a very sweet and gentle soul.”

Over the weekend, the APA took in 38 dogs alone, and they keep on coming. The majority of the dogs that need adoption or fostering are larger dogs.

The dire overflow added to what’s already been a “Ruff” couple of years for animal shelters, which have seen unprecedented numbers.

The consequences of the pandemic and inflation have left some people unable to care for their pets.

“The shelter can be a very stressful place, we have behavior management coordinators that help provide things for the pets so they can thrive,” Javier said. “However, as wonderful as we try to make it here, it can be really hard on a pet’s mental health.”

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