ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – The Dardenne Prairie Board of Alderman decided to delay voting on a new development of a four-story apartment complex on Wednesday.

The project is set to be built at the corner of Bryan and Fiese roads and will hold 190 apartments along with shops and restaurants.

Residents filled city hall during a special meeting to express their concerns with the tax abatement that allows the developer to avoid paying property taxes for 12 years. City leaders found themselves caught between the developer and the Wentzville School District over the tax breaks.

“The planning and zoning has done their work, the board has already approved the planning changes and the zoning changes,” said Jim Cook, a developer. “So now we’re just really coming to the funding mechanism and how we can get that to work. So if there is an amenable solution we’ll move forward, if not we’ll see how long this takes. To either come to an agreement or, unfortunately, it may be a situation where the development dies.”

The board said they will vote against it next week after the developer and Wentzville School District have met.