ST. LOUIS – Dozens of Apple Store employees in the St. Louis area could soon unionize after a petition through a machinists’ organization.

The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace (IAM) Workers, which also represents St. Louis area Boeing employees, has filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to represent Apple workers.

The organization has previously filed an unfair labor practice charge against Apple, claiming the company required St. Louis employees to attend a captive audience meeting and making threats of reprisal if the employees choose to organize with the IAM. Workers have since filed for election to join the union.

“I am incredibly grateful that our store team is taking the necessary steps to advocate for ourselves as we prepare to unionize our store officially,” said St. Louis Apple store employee Daniel Bertilson via a news release. “As an employee of Apple for over five years, I have unfortunately had to watch as the culture of this company has shifted from truly embodying a people-first mentality. I look forward to voting yes on my ballot and allowing our team members to partner with Apple to achieve the common goal of serving our customers with warmth and kindness.” 

If formalized, St. Louis would become the second city with a union for Apple store worker organized by the IAM. The organization also represents some Apple workers in Towson, Maryland.

Apple has two stores in the St. Louis Galleria and West County Mall. There is also a Mac HeadQuarters Office in Maplewood.