LINCOLN COUNTY, Mo. – Colby Ruether is a second-generation farmer in Lincoln County. He says one of the most stressful parts of the job involves moving large farm equipment on roads where drivers are inattentive and impatient.

“A lot of people are on their phones, or over the line, or simply just driving too fast,” Ruether said.

Shannon Clayborn is one of the owners of Prairie View Seed in Hawk Point. He said some early planting this year could lead to some harvesting in September.

“We’re going to start seeing the combines get on the roads,” Clayborn said.

His message for drivers is to be patient and aware of farm equipment.

“Being a few more minutes late is a lot better than the alternative of having a bad accident,” Clayborn said.

Hawk Point Assistant Fire Chief Adam Stanek agrees. His department has responded to several crashes involving farm equipment. He asks drivers to be patient and avoid the temptation of trying to drive around combines as they move from field to field.

“It might look like they’re turning to the left, when they’ll actually be swinging out to make a right-hand turn,” Stanek said.

“We’re not here to slow anyone down,” Clayborn said. “We’re here to just do our job.”