OVERLAND, Mo. – Grocery store shoppers feared for their lives as they watched a money truck robbery right in front of them just before 10 a.m. Friday.

“I thought this was, this is the day I die,” said Dametria Sanderson.

She was inside the Save A Lot on Midland when she heard panic.

“I heard, ‘Hold the door! Hold the door! Close the door!’” Sanderson said.

Armed masked men were outside struggling with a Loomis armored truck driver for his bag of cash.

Overland Police Captain Jim Morgan said the criminals followed the armored car onto the grocery store parking lot.

“Two subjects closely following behind in a black Jeep came up on him with guns and wearing ski masks and robbed him,” he said.

Morgan said no one fired a shot and no one was hurt, but the robbers did escape with a bag of money.

FOX 2’s Bommarito Automotive Group SkyFOX flew over the scene with 10 yellow markers flagging evidence for investigators to analyze including one big clue. It was a gun one of the suspects left at the crime scene.

“That was a long gun,” Morgan said. “…and we believe the suspect, as he was running away from the victim’s car, may have tripped and fell and just left it there.”

Arey Schifferdecker, whose friend works at Save A Lot, said it wasn’t the only criminal blunder. She said one of the suspects fell out of the escape car as it left.

“(It) …sped out without him, and the guy ran off, so I guess they probably picked him up around the corner,” Schifferdecker said.

Police shared a photo of the black Jeep Cherokee Limited that drove off, headed south on Woodson. Police later updated the number of potential suspects, saying they believed one driver remained in the Jeep during the robbery and two suspects got out to grab the money.

Overland police officers and detectives continue working the case now with the help of the FBI, which has come in to assist.

The company Loomis said they are working with law enforcement but don’t have anything else to share. Save A Lot also declined to comment, as it reopened just before noon, about a couple of hours after the robbery.