FLORISSANT, Mo. – The St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers will start taking samples to test for dangerous chemicals at Jana Elementary School.

In just a couple of hours, students at Jana Elementary will transition to virtual learning. The school closed last week after a report showed high levels of contamination from radioactive waste from Coldwater Creek, which is near the school.

This came after an independent report from the Boston Chemical Data Corporation found high levels of radioactive contamination throughout the school and outside it, including the playground. The St. Louis Army Corps of Engineers will begin taking samples to see if they get the same results.

FOX 2’s Jeff Bernthal and his photojournalist saw crews loading up desks, tables, and other furniture from the area. They followed several of the trucks and found furniture being moved to Barrington, McCurdy, and Brown Elementary Schools in the Hazelwood district.

People who know students attending those other Hazelwood schools have concerns. They believe the district should have publicly explained why those items were moved.

The Hazelwood School District told FOX 2 after consulting with an engineer that’s been working with the district and a hazardous material cleanup company, that some furniture has been removed after following suggested cleaning protocols.

The Hazelwood School Board is closing Jana for now, and they said students will go to the district’s other elementary schools next.

“We do hope that this is not a sign that no one is interested in fixing the Jana Elementary School,” Jana Elementary PTA President Ashley Bernaugh said. “That would be an unacceptable solution to a really horrific problem.”

The Army Corps of Engineers will begin testing the inside and outside the school starting Monday, as they work to review that independent report on the dangerous chemicals detected. Preliminary results are expected within two weeks.