ARNOLD, Mo. — The Arnold Food Pantry handed out free gas cards to several families on Thursday. The giveaway comes at a time when people across the country are dealing with high inflation costs and fuel prices.

Organizers distributed the $25 gas cards to registered clients who stopped by for the pantry’s scheduled food giveaway.

“It really helps out a lot, the way gas is nowadays,” said client Rick Januska. “I mean every little bit helps, you know. The food helps. They give us other things, cleaning things and personal things like toothpaste, deodorant and washing your clothes things, and just whatever really helps.”  

The Arsenal Credit Union and Fireworks City donated money for the gas cards.

“Fireworks City and Arsenal Credit Union have given thousands of dollars to help us give our clients $25 gas cards until they run out,” said Amato. “Now, they have to be our clients, that can’t be someone calling the food pantry saying, ‘I would like to get a gas card.’ You have to be a registered client.”  

The Arnold Food Pantry is the largest independent food distribution center in the St. Louis area. It services about 100 square miles, including the Fox School District and parts of St. Louis County. Three vans on the street serve the community seven days a week.   

“I get groceries from the food pantry every other week, so that really helps me supplement my food supplies,” said Donna Patty, who received a gas card. “Today we got a gas card from Arsenal Credit Union for $25.  So, that really helps to put gas in the car. I was down to a quarter of a tank and getting low on funds, so it comes in handy.” 

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