Attorney suing over stay-at-home orders calls on St. Louis health director to resign


St. Louis City Hall. (File photo)

CLAYTON, Mo. – The lawyer suing to immediately reopen St. Louis and St. Louis County is calling for the director of the St. Louis Health Department to resign.

Attorney Bevis Schock points to a recent court filing by St. Louis, in which the city says Dr. Fredrick Echols is not currently licensed to practice medicine. The filing says he stopped seeing patients some time ago and did not maintain his license.

Schock says it’s another reason why the stay-at-home order is invalid.

A federal judge is still deciding whether or not to intervene and stop enforcement of stay-at-home orders.

A spokesperson for the city says Dr. Echols meets the qualifications needed for health director and is still a doctor despite not maintaining his license.

Dr. Fredrick Echols meets the qualifications to serve in his current capacity as the Director of Health for the City of St. Louis. We are extremely fortunate, given his medical and professional background managing communicable diseases, to have Dr. Echols at the helm of the department during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

St. Louis City response


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