ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A car dealership is helping to raise money to feed kids across the St. Louis region.

The fundraiser took place at Neiman Marcus, located in the Plaza Frontenac shopping mall on Thursday. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go towards Operation Food Search.

“Each of our employees vote on what they want to do every year on how to give back to the community,” said Brad Sowers, president, and CEO of Jim Butler Auto Group. “Sometimes it’s volunteering, which we plan on doing. But this is a chance to give back some dollars as well as helping the community.”

The goal is to raise $100,000.

“We’ve seen an increase in need while at the same time there’s been a decrease in food donations, so it’s been extremely challenging for us,” said Jocelyn Fundoukos, communications director for Operation Food Search. “We’ve had to purchase more food, but we can’t keep up with the demands, so these kinds of contributions are incredibly impactful right now.”

One dollar can feed one in every six Missouri children a day who are struggling with food insecurity.

“Especially during the Christmas season and I think of my kids. I want to give back and help other children who don’t have what my kids have,” said Jennifer O’Keefe, a donor.

At Jim Butler dealerships, $50 from every car sold will also be donated.

“A huge impact, and I’m confident that they will make that goal,” said another attendee.

You can donate directly to Operation Food Search on their website, or go to any of the Jim Butler locations to donate food in one of their on-site food drive barrels.