ST. LOUIS — Gas prices continue to climb, setting a new record high in Missouri, where the average price of regular unleaded fuel now stands at $4.68 a gallon. That’s 13 cents more than just a week ago Thursday. 

“The national average just hit $5 a gallon for the first time ever last week,” said AAA spokesperson Nick Chabarria. “Prices are still considerably high.” 

Chabarria said drivers in St. Louis and Jefferson City are paying the most on average at $4.87, which is almost $2 more than the cost of gas a year ago. 

“When we’re talking about the price increase we saw since the beginning of 2022, that was driven largely by the economic recovery from the pandemic,” said Chabarria. “More people were getting out since vaccines were rolling out. More people were traveling once again. People were buying again, and that increased diesel costs and demand for diesel and jet fuel with travel.”

“Then, when we get into the March timeframe to where we are now, the large price increases we’ve seen have largely been brought on by the Russian war with Ukraine and the continued war there,” Chabarria added.

AAA advises checking your check engine lights to make sure none are on, and if so, see a mechanic. Also, check your tire pressure once a month and slow down on the road.

“In terms of when you’re braking hard, you’re using more fuel than you have to,” said Chabarria. “And some ways to alleviate that, you can use cruise control if you’re on the highway, as long as roads are clear and safe to do so.  And we’re talking about not hard braking when coming up to a stop sign or stoplight.  Just take your foot off the accelerator and ease into that stop instead of accelerating all the way where you have to slam on the brakes hard.”