ST. LOUIS – Kids like to go fast, and 8-year-old Brier Whitley is one of them. Kids are also honest, and that’s how Brier answers any of the questions he’s asked about his condition.

“I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and say, why are you so short? I have this bone disease called XLH. My legs are bent and yours are straight,” Brier said.

This week he’s going to Nashville, Tennessee for surgery.

“He has a really rare bone disease called X-linked hypophosphatemia or XLH for short,” his mother Shay Whitley explained. “He has to have major bone surgery this fall, where they’ll have to break his legs and reset them to help him walk correctly.”

His family is doing everything they can to cover his medical expenses. With the cost of traveling for this big surgery, they needed a little help.

Over the weekend they threw a bake sale, so Saturday afternoon FOX 2 stopped by. So did Lamborghinis from Holman Motor Cars-St. Louis and the Lamborghini Owner’s Club of St. Louis.

“Lamborghinis! A Maclaren?” the excited 8-year-old announced. “Is it raining Lamborghinis?! That’s the Lamborghini I want right there!”

David Holman with Holman Motor Cars – St. Louis and friends heard Brier loved Lambos and wanted to say hello ahead of his trip.

“We brought these cars down here to show you today,” Humphrey asked. “What do you think?”

“I’ve always wanted the one with the shifters in the back,” Brier said excitedly.

Blown away by the surprise and some Lamborghini sway, Brier climbed in for his first ride in a Lamborghini.

“This is my lifelong dream!”