ST. LOUIS – Ballpark Village is gearing up for St. Louis Cardinals Opening Day on March 30. There are plenty of things to do, see, and eat at Ballpark Village this season.

“Every year for opening day, we come up with a new menu, and we’ve done that this year,” said Nate Green, director of hospitality for the St. Louis Cardinals. “We have a lot of new items. Some favorites like nachos, which are our number one selling item. We have G&W hotdogs. We partner with our local G&W Sausage Company in south city. We’ve introduced protein bowls. It’s a salad on a bed of quinoa or cauliflower rice.”

There are also three new restaurants, such as Koibito Poke, which opens this week; Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria opens in April; and Condado Tacos opens in June.

Inside the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum, “The Art of the Cardinals” includes 250 paintings, sculptures, prints, and more. More than 70 works of art and photography never before seen, like a Darrel Kyle painting.

“It hung in the clubhouse for about 20 years ever since his passing, and the clubhouse gave it to us this last season,” said Amy Berra, curator and manager of the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum. “So, I really felt it was important to include this, so the fans would get to see it.”

Bally Sports Live! improved a bigger and better way to view the games.

“We’ve upgraded what was the largest screen in the Midwest for some time to even bigger at Bally Sports Live!,” said Mike LaMartina, chief operating officer of Ballpark Village. “We’ve gone to 65 feet on the wall. And then also taking a portion of that 40-foot screen and relocating it to the rear of our stage.”