ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – A man from Ballwin admitted to providing the drugs that killed his acquaintance in 2020.

On Thursday, Quinton O’Bryan Adaway, 26, admitted to providing the fentanyl that killed his friend “M.C.” and hiding the body in his backyard.

Adaway said that on July 11, 2022, he provided drugs to M.C., someone he had known for several years. Adaway said that he and M.C. both struggled with drug abuse and that they had traded drugs in the past. M.C. was warned by Adaway that the capsules were more potent than capsules M.C. had used before.

M.C. was parked at the rear of the home on Holly Terrace Court where Adaway was living. He took the fentanyl in his car before he left. He subsequently overdosed and died.

Adaway said later that day or the next that he discovered his friend’s body. Adaway tried to hide the body in the backyard, partially covering it with a cloth and putting items around it. Adaway also removed the SIM card from M.C.’s cellular phone and disposed of the phone.

M.C.’s family and girlfriend began looking for him on July 12. M.C.’s girlfriend contacted Adaway, who denied knowing where he was. The next day, they reported M.C. missing to the police and tracked M.C.’s cell phone to Adaway’s house.

The family contacted the Ballwin Police Department, and officers found M.C.’s body. Police found the SIM card, two of the victim’s debit cards, drugs, and drug paraphernalia in Adaway’s home.

Adaway was sentenced to four years in state prison after pleading guilty in St. Louis County Circuit Court to a felony charge of abandoning a corpse.