BALLWIN, Mo. – Ballwin police are warning residents of a scam, where someone posing as a special agent is calling people from a number that appears as “Ballwin PD.”

Officer Mark Reckert, a spokesman for the Ballwin Police Department, said they were first notified of the scam Thursday morning. A concerned resident called police because of a suspicious call.

“… Saying that there was a terrorist organization opening accounts in their name,” Reckert said.

The scammer claimed the Ballwin Chief of Police will call to verify some information. As soon as the scammer hung up, the resident’s phone rang again, with the caller ID saying “Ballwin PD.”

Police said the scammers are using some sort of technology to trick the caller ID to make it look like you are receiving a phone call directly from the Ballwin Police Department. 

“Later on, (the victim) was told he was supposed to go to the Social Security Office off of Gravois, and to check in there to receive another phone call about what to do next,” Reckert said.

Fortunately, the resident didn’t listen to the scammers, and called Ballwin police. Police remind residents to never give out personal information over the phone, like your Social Security number or birthday.