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BALLWIN, Mo. – Ballwin residents filled Ballwin City Hall, many in opposition of a proposed development. In the end, the residents didn’t get the result they wanted.

The Ballwin Board of Alderman voted yes to bringing the new 7-story apartment building next to Vlasis Park.

The apartment building will house nearly 200 units. The new structure will replace the Old Ballwin City Hall and JB Auto and Tire.

Residents say they’re disappointed in the city’s lack of transparency. They say the board of alderman passing the new development is breaking a promise to citizens.

“The board sold us all out. They had all the residents in there. There wasn’t anybody for it; no one was for it. And they still passed it,” said Ballwin resident Shane Early. “So, somebody is being paid. I don’t know who it is…I don’t know what is going on.”

But there were a few residents in favor of the outcome.

“By being right next to the park it’s obviously in walking distance and as people mentioned, there’s going to be hundreds of new people here. All of which can enjoy the park right outside their house,” said Wesley Wu. He says he lives outside the city but maintains a Ballwin address.

One resident called the proposal a monstrosity and told the board of alderman the developer will just use them and be on their way.