Christmas tree seller expecting big crowds ahead of holiday


BALLWIN, Mo. – Are you still looking for a live Christmas tree? Many locations around the St. Louis area are out or just left with a small selection, but one company just received multiple tractor-trailer loads of fresh trees.

Lynn Sullivan, the owner of Sullivan Farms Christmas Trees, says he’s been receiving numerous calls a day from people looking for a tree.

“First thing they ask when they call, they don’t ask what time you’re open, they want to know do you have any Christmas trees,” Sullivan said.

He gives them the great news: “We have lots of Christmas trees.”

Earlier in the season, there were warnings of a nationwide Christmas tree shortage. Most lots in town are either completely sold out or down to their last trees, but Sullivan prepared for the shortage in the last weeks leading up to Christmas

“There was still a demand we went through this last year. We knew we were going to need more trees as we got close to the end, so we were promised that probably we’d get some nice trees closer to the end,” said Sullivan.

They received four more tractor-trailer loads of trees.

“So we got trees coming in from everywhere with nice, new fresh trees just this past week,” Sullivan said. “That’s what’s important at the end of the season is that you don’t have just the first trees you got in November, but you have fresh trees.”

Despite the shortage being worse this year, Sullivans Farms just received twice as many trees as this time last year.

“Even in the beginning, it was harder for us to get trees. We were lucky enough to pick up a couple of new growers for this year. So that kind of helped us out, and suppliers we’ve used in the past were able to come up with a few more trees than what we got last year,” he said.

Sullivan is expecting big crowds this weekend at their five locations, all of which are open until 9 p.m., as we enter this final countdown to Christmas.

“Don’t panic. It’s not like we’ve just got what’s left. I mean we’ve got nice fresh new trees in that are beautiful and it’s going to be a real treat for some people,” said Sullivan.

For a list of their five locations, visit

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