ST. LOUIS — Extreme temperatures can quickly turn a trip to see America’s favorite pastime into a trip to the first-aid station or even worse.

At Busch Stadium on Tuesday, there were very few issues with the heat because many of the 17,000 fans in attendance found a seat in the shade.

Fans started filing into Busch ahead of the first pitch, which was just after high noon. By then, the temperatures had already climbed to 95, with a heat index of 104. Large swamp fans were located inside the stadium gate to help cool guests and staff as they entered the ballpark.

Once inside, ushers watched closely for the first signs of heat stress, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion.

Sprinkled throughout the stadium, seven 125-gallon “WaterMonster” tanks were filled with free ice-cold water for any fan who needed a cooling drink. For those who needed extra attention, medical personnel was also on hand.

Fans who spoke with FOX 2 seemed to weather the heat pretty well.

“Back in the 70s, back when we had the astroturf, of course, it was a lot hotter back then. So this is not near as bad as it used to be,” said Bo Meyer of Nashville, Illinois.

Will Hoffman of Naperville, Illinois, said: “You could definitely fry an egg somewhere, I’m sure, pretty quick.”

As hot as the weather was Tuesday, it was far from the hottest baseball game played here in St. Louis. That honor goes to August 8, 1930, against the Brooklyn Dodgers. The temperature that day topped off at 107 degrees.