ST. LOUIS — A former cast member of the reality show Basketball Wives was sentenced in October to four years in prison. Brittish Williams, 33, recently filed an appeal at the federal court in St. Louis. She is challenging her conviction based on the sentencing guidelines.

Federal sentences can be difficult to dispute. Judges have strict guidelines to determine prison time, restitution, and more.

Williams is still being ordered to pay back the $564,069 she received from several schemes. She pled guilty to 15 felonies, which included misusing Social Security numbers, making false statements to the IRS, and wire fraud.

She underreported income from 2017-2019 and fabricated dependents to evade taxes. Stealing Social Security numbers, she opened unauthorized accounts, causing financial losses. Williams created fake bank accounts using stolen identities, depositing checks without victims’ knowledge.

Exploiting relief programs, she admitted to filing nine fraudulent loan applications, diverting $144,400 for personal use. Pocketing $52,647 from Paycheck Protection Program loans, she made false claims for COVID-19 relief, resulting in substantial payouts.

Submitting fake medical bills led to a payout of $139,479.92. Since her 2021 indictment, Williams failed to file tax returns, listing herself as “exempt” at her $90,000 job, leading to her departure.