Bear sighting near Warrenton on fourth of July


WARREN COUNTY, Mo. – Melanie and Scott McRoberts could not believe what they saw in their backyard Sunday afternoon. 

“I looked out the back patio door and there is a bear looking in my window,” Scott McRoberts said.  “His nose was almost touching the glass.”   

The Roberts’ property in the Garland Woods area near Warrenton backs up to a heavily wooded area in Warren County.  

“I see all kinds of animal wildlife, but we’ve never seen a bear,” Scott McRoberts said.                                                                                               

We’ve reported on several area bear sightings in recent weeks.

Wildlife officials say this is the time of year when momma bears send cubs out on their own to find food. They encourage residents to eliminate backyard items that could attract bears, including bird feeders, pet food, trash, food waste, and barbecue grills remnants.   

Melanie McRoberts said it’s possible the bear was after cat food left outside or barbecue grill remnants left from the night before.  

“It was just fascinating to see a bear that wasn’t in a zoo,” she said. 

The Missouri Department of Conservation provides more information about the black bear populations and encourages anyone who spots a bear to report the sighting.  

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