ST. LOUIS – Bands and music fans showed up to Ballpark Village Monday evening to celebrate the man lovingly known as Beatle Bob.

Bob Matonis was diagnosed with ALS in February 2022 and passed away on July 27. He was 70.

Family and friends showed up to the tribute to help say goodbye to a man known in the music community for his dance moves.

“Beatle Bob is St. Louis. He’s a product of St. Louis,” Jimmy Tebeau said. “He represents St. Louis, and any time he would go anywhere, it was like, ‘Oh, there’s Beatle Bob from St. Louis. It’s like Imo’s pizza. It’s St. Louis.”

A dance floor is always involved in any memories friends have of Bob.

“I first ran into him at Mississippi Nights down on The Landing, if you remember where that is. He was the only guy dancing on the dance floor,” Tebeau said.

Matonis’ favorite bands drove in from their nationwide tours to pay tribute to their favorite fan.

“Every cool show that I’ve ever been at in the whole entire world, that guy was there. Sometimes he can really make a crowd dance. Everybody wants to dance just like Beatle Bob did and nobody can do it,” the Liverpool Legends said.

Christine Mickel, Matonis’ sister, did not expect the outpouring.

“I just can’t believe it. It’s just amazing, and all the support and love for my family and for Bob. He would be looking down on this; smiling for sure,” she said.

Mickel said her brother was quiet, but his passion was music and concerts.

“He just loved the music scene. He loved dancing. He loved just showing his love for music and sharing it with others,” she said.