ST. LOUIS – The Loop Trolley began service Thursday and will operate for the summer season until October.

Bi-State Development’s Loop Trolley seeks to transport passengers back into their city between the University City Public Library and the Missouri History Museum in Forest Park.

“First day of operation this year, and of course we’re going to be operating Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and Sunday a limited run,” said Taulby Roach, CEO of the Bi-State Development. “We’re trying to bring vibrancy back to the Loop, and so far, so good.”

Bi-State said it is hoping riding in a vintage trolley and seeing businesses and locations along the 2.2-mile route to spend more time at will help everyone along the route.

“The really neat thing about trolley operations right now, it’s free of charge,” Roach said. “Get on and get off. Go to all those great events down in the Loop or the History Museum. We want to be part of the lifeblood of St. Louis.”

Roach reminds motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists that vehicles cannot be parked on the trolley rails and must be completely within the white parking lines. Illegal parking will result in fines and towing.

“We were pleasantly surprised by last year’s ridership,” Roach said. “We had some tremendous weekends where we had 100s of folks out experiencing this great spring weather and looking at all the assets along the Loop and Forest Park. So, we’re hoping that is going to continue.”

Bi-State said it hopes everyone will fall back in love with their hour-long free ride.