ST. LOUIS – A Belleville woman wants action after suffering a serious leg injury at Mardi Gras in Soulard over the weekend. Two days after her injury, the sidewalk hazard that caused it still wasn’t fixed.

Dyneisha Bonner, 31, said that shortly after she arrived at Mardi Gras, she stepped into an unmarked, uncovered drainage pipe in the sidewalk outside the new SOHO Apartments at 7th and Marion streets.

An identical 4” pipe in the sidewalk about 20 yards away was covered with a drainage grate Monday afternoon. The pipe Bonner stepped into was still unmarked and uncovered.

Bonner was still unable to walk Monday afternoon with a 4 ½“ wound that was still partially open on the front of her leg between her knee and angle.

“There’s a big event with a huge crowd. Your mind is (set) to not bump into the people in front of you,” she said. “You’re not looking straight down. I took three more steps, and my leg was just in a hole. All I could think was, ‘I see the inside of my leg. I see my bone, my tendons, my ligaments.’ I see it. It’s right there, open. Yeah, it was very painful.”

An ambulance rushed Bonner to St. Louis University Hospital, but doctors couldn’t completely close the wound because of the amount of flesh she had lost.

Her parents were at her home to help take care of her on Monday. They couldn’t understand how this could happen at such a large, seemingly well-planned event.

“You know you’re having an event. You know there’s going to be crowds of people,” Bonner said. “You need to plan better.”

She was still uncertain about returning to work at her two jobs: part-time model and full-time financial services representative for a credit union.

“I hope it doesn’t change my life, but it does seem like it could be life-changing,” Bonner said. “It’s kind of scary because I can’t walk on my leg…I just hope they actually do something, so nobody else gets hurt. What if a child gets hurt?”

FOX 2 reached out to the property manager and city authorities, but we have yet to get a response. However, by early Monday evening, an orange safety cone was covering the hole.