ST. LOUIS — The St. Louis community is making sure a firefighter who was killed two weeks ago is not forgotten. A series of tributes are in the works to honor Benjamin Polson.

Polson, 33, was killed while battling a vacant house fire in north St. Louis on Jan. 13.

The St. Louis Hero Network, a local organization, is working with Missouri State Rep. David Gregory to establish a memorial sign.

The sign would be similar to the one honoring fallen North County Police Cooperative Officer Michael Langsdorf. That sign is on display on I-55 at Butler Hill Road.

“I just know that Ben would be so proud. He was such a proud person, and he wanted to do such a good job at being a fireman,” Susan Polson, Benjamin Polson’s mother, said.

If lawmakers give the green light to the sign, the Polson family would weigh in on the location. The honor is a bright spot during what has been a painful past two weeks for the Polson family. Susan, her son, and daughter Rebecca were extremely close.

“We were best friends. My daughter says she’s his best friend…I say I’m his best friend,” she said.

The three even lived close to each other, just minutes apart. Rebecca, her fiancé, Susan, and Ben saw each other on a regular basis, planned outings, and vacations.

Susan Polson flipped through pictures of her son, from his early days as a hockey player to more recent times, when he lived in Colorado.

Polson returned to St. Louis to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a St. Louis firefighter. Susan Polson said her son was passionate about his job, and helping others.

“He really cared – he really did care about our city – he wanted to leave the world a better place,” she said.

The St. Louis Hero Network has raised more than $500,000 for first responders and veterans in the last three years.

Its founder and director, Charlie Metzner, is not only a firefighter – he happens to be Polson’s cousin.

“It wasn’t just my family. It was a brother in the fire service that worked in the same fire department that I worked for. And how extremely proud I was that he chose a life of service,” Metzner said. “Just like his funeral -he could have done anything he wanted to do. But he chose a life of service.” Just like his dad. To serve and protect the community he grew up in. He was a south city kid just like me.”

Thanks to a donation, T-shirts bearing Polson’s name and Engine House 13 – where he was stationed – will be provided to all members of the St. Louis Fire Department and the Polson family.

Metzner is also eager about the prospect of a plaque in each firehouse, and later a memorial dedicated to Polson. Susan Polson said she is honored by all the tributes, and expressed thanks to those who have stepped up to support the family.

“Thank you so much. Everything you’ve done for my son. And our family – and for all the future firefighters. And all the young men and women that give their service, to help other people,” she said.

For more information on the St. Louis Hero Network, including how to make a donation, visit