MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. – Many families are struggling financially to refurbish their homes after July 26-28 flash flooding which caused damage to many properties in the St. Louis area. As a result, friends of flood victims in St. Peters organized a benefit Wednesday at a comedy club to help them.

“They don’t want help, but their bills are going to be close up to 100,000 to just redo their home and this is like a second mortgage on a mortgage they already had,” said Sara Thompson.

Thompson organized the benefit for her friends at the Funny Bone, the couple wanted to remain anonymous. Thompson said the last three weeks the couple has spent their time helping other flood victims in their subdivision, but the benefit is a way to give back. 

“They had lost pretty much everything in the flooding about three weeks ago and there’s not a whole lot of places for them to go for assistance,” said Denise Sullivan, sister to one of the flood victims. “They’re prideful people and they don’t want to ask anyone for anything.”

Sullivan said it is difficult to see her family going through this crisis. The funds from the benefit went toward helping Sullivan’s family.

“So, they can piece their life back, put their life back together and their biggest objective is to help the people around them and their neighbors,” she said.

Thompson said the funds from the benefit are a start.

“This is just a little drop in the bucket for what they need, but it’s a start,” she said.

Thompson said she hopes the silent auction and comedy benefit reminded the couple they are not alone during this difficult time.

“It makes you forget about stuff, you know you just get in that little world when they start talking and you can relate to a lot of things they say,” Thompson said. “They’ll keep it light and they make jokes out of things you might be upset about or you know it just gets you into a different world.”

The families who were impacted by the flood and in need of help can visit the FEMA Recovery Center at Ranken Technical College. They are open from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. daily.