CHESTERFIELD, Mo. — Organizers of the Spirit of St. Louis Air Show expect big crowds on Saturday and Sunday. One of the highlights is expected to be the Blue Angels flying Boeing-made, F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets. One of those jets arrived Wednesday.

This will be the first time those jets will be flown at the air show in Chesterfield.  The event last took place in 2019.   

“There’s going to be no shortage of sights and inspiration this weekend,” said Mark Sutherland, Sprit of St. Louis Air Show spokesperson and volunteer. 

Tickets can only be purchased online, and visitors are expected to arrive early Saturday and Sunday. 

“If you want to come at noon, you’re going to sit in traffic at least an hour, guaranteed,” said Sutherland.  “So, come early and avoid the traffic.  Enjoy the event and get a good seat. 

The event includes an on-the-ground STEM that includes simulators and hands-on exhibits related to science technology, engineering, and math robotics.  Sutherland said the whole idea behind the air show is to hope the awe experienced by visitors is translated into aerospace career choices. 

“There are many pilots that fly in our show today that came to our shows many, many years ago and came to air shows many, many years ago and that’s the reason they fly the aircraft they fly today,” said Sutherland. 

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