Big heat, heavy rains send spiders and insects scurrying into homes


ST. LOUIS – As the temperatures heat up, pests around the home get more active.

Spiders, like the brown recluse and wolf spider, prefer quiet, cool spots inside homes. However, when temperatures surge, the attic spaces and garages they like to call home heat up, driving spiders to seek cooler environments inside the house, such as closets and basements.

Spider traps, such as glue boards, can be used in closets and under sinks to stop spider activity, according to Rottler Pest Solutions. Homeowners may want to do a good outside assessment in order to close-up their access points.

“Looking for any small gaps around doors, windows. Where the gutter line starts, where it meets the siding, those tends to be areas of easy entry that people don’t always look at,” Dan Rottler said.

This weekend’s expected heavy rains are also a pest concern.

“Your typical ants. You might have gotten them out of your kitchen a month ago. They reestablished outside,” Rottler said. “Unfortunately, with the heavy rains, they’re going to find their way back inside the home.”

And remember, mosquitoes breed in standing water. Lots of rain creates more pools of water and more opportunities for them to multiply.

“As our gutters start filling up, and kids’ toys out in the yard, or dog dishes gather water, even the bird bath,” Rottler said.

“Those gather water and, if they don’t get changed out frequently, they can become a breeding ground for mosquitos.”

Rottler said to try home remedies and products first, but if the problem isn’t getting any better, it’s time to call a professional.

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