ST. CHARLES, Mo. – Missouri gamblers could soon get to bet on Cardinals games and other sporting events.

If you try to place a sports bet using a service like FanDuel on your phone right now in Missouri, you won’t be able to because it’s illegal. The bets are now closer to becoming legal after some of the state’s professional teams showed up to testify before the Missouri senate.

Sports betting is allowed in more than 30 states but not Missouri. Professional sports teams from around the state want lawmakers to let fans legally place wagers. They say this will bring in revenue. It’s estimated to bring in $15 million.

The legislation would allow betting inside the state’s 13 casinos, online, and inside sports venues. The Missouri House overwhelmingly passed sports gaming legislation last month. One hiccup in the Senate and the tax rate on wagers. Some representatives don’t think eight percent is enough.

Missourians are expected to wager around 150 million dollars annually if it becomes law.