ST. LOUIS – Prepare to see more scooters around the city of St. Louis. Electric scooter company “Bird” received a new permit to relaunch their services this weekend.

The city is reducing scooter speeds from 15 miles per hour to 12 miles per hour citywide.

The St. Louis Public Safety Department says the following changes are also in order as the “Bird” scooters return.

  • Age restrictions to prevent those 18 and under from unlocking vehicles 
  • E-scooter speed will be reduced to 10 mph in some commercial zones and parks. 
  • No “group ride” feature by limiting users to one unlocked scooter per account
  • Enhanced accessibility rules, including additional regulations and clarification on scooter staging and parking
  • Smaller total fleet size, from 2,500 to 1,500, with neighborhood-by-neighborhood caps on vehicles 

In January, the City of St. Louis approved a permit o regulate the usage of scooters and electric bikes, but allow them to return to the city.

Last year, the city halted scooter operations over what public safety officials described as “a string of public safety incidents.” Residents had complained of fights and violence, coupled with large gatherings of juveniles.