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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – Officers with the Chesterfield Police Department confirmed a black bear sighting Sunday morning.

The bear, given the nickname “Chester,” was spotted in the area of Wildhorse Creek and Baxter roads. Police said the bear is estimated to be about 200 pounds and is likely a young adult.

Chesterfield residents are advised to call police at 636-537-3000 if they see the bear.

In early May, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reported an uptick in bear sightings in Jefferson, Franklin, and Crawford counties.

Black bears are native to Missouri and typically wander about in late spring and early summer, according to the conservation department.

Laura Conlee, a biologist for the MDC, said people should give bears a wide berth and not to feed or approach the animals.

“It is imperative that people remove bear attractants from their property, such as bird feeders, trash, barbeque grills, pet food, and food waste,” she said. “Keeping areas free of attractants and letting bears find natural foods is in everyone’s best interest. If you see a bear, let the animal be and enjoy the sighting, but be sure to not offer it any food.”

Learn more about what to do if you see a black bear by visiting You can report a bear sighting in Missouri by filling out a form on the MDC website or by calling 314-210-1875.