ST. LOUIS — Blippi and Meekah were in Kirkwood Monday to film an episode of the popular YouTube show at the Magic House. Three-year-old Levi Brunk recently won a contest to bring the social media stars to the St. Louis area. The production crew also filmed two music videos while they were in town.

Brunk’s parents submitted a video showing how much he loves the Magic House. He dressed as Blippi and showed viewers his favorite features of the kid-friendly institution. The video received the most votes to win the contest.

So, what was it like to meet Blippi? Levi’s mom says he gave the star a big hug.

“He spun me around, all the way around,” said Brunk.

“It is going to be a very good episode. There are a lot of fun new songs that Blippi sings. New music videos. All kinds of fun stuff,” said mom, Christie.

Brunk got to spend the day at the Magic House while Blippi and Meekah filmed the episode. He was able to spend some time with the celebrities that he has been following since before he could talk.

The new episode is expected to be out in about a month. Subscribe to Blippi’s YouTube channel if you want to see the Magic House and the St. Louis area featured in one of the next videos.

You may be able to spot one of these influencers around town. They will be attending a meet-and-greet Thursday in Wildwood. Unfortunately, there are no more tickets for the event.