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ST. LOUIS – A 44-foot long boat that first became trapped on the Chain of Rocks on Oct. 5 is still stuck in the middle of the Mississippi River nearly two weeks later.

Cousins Molly Ferguson and Haley Rapp came to see what’s what, while workers with Pensacola, Florida-based Sea Tow sent a device to assess the vessel White Widower. 

“Well, we’ve lived here our whole life and we were like let’s take a ride and this is what happened,” Ferguson said.

“I came out here a couple of weeks ago and saw it and was like, ‘That is absolutely crazy,’ and one of my friends said that she read that they missed the dam and ended up here in the rocks and I was like, ‘If that were me, I would’ve been having a panic attack,’” Rapp said. 

Two people had to be rescued from that boat after mistakenly going down the main channel of the river instead of taking the canal that bypasses the Chain of Rocks. The vessel will have to sit for another day as crews work to figure out how to safely remove it.