Body shamers target 105.7’s Lux on Shinedown photo; she calls them ‘clowns’


ST. LOUIS – Bullying doesn’t stop once people reach adulthood.

105.7 The Point radio jock Lux received negative comments on a photo posted of her and Shinedown’s Brent Smith on Sunday on the radio station’s Facebook page.

Some of the comments included, “she’s let herself go and should lose some lb’s,” and, “Jenny Craig called.”

Lux then responded to the haters with a TikTok video detailing how she thinks the people online saying negative things about her are acting like “clowns.” The video has received over 23,000 views.


#greenscreen first 3min videos but body shaming isn’t tolerated here. Thanks @Shinedown for the chat yesterday! #pointfest was still amazing!

♬ original sound – Lux

Shinedown took the 105.7 photo and reposted it to their own Facebook page with the caption, “Hands down the most beautiful lady inside, and out in the BUSINESS!!! We love you Lux On Radio and everyone 105.7 The Point thank you for having us at this year’s.”

Chris Frank, a spokesperson for the band, said their Facebook post was a direct response to the negative comments Lux received.

Lux isn’t new to speaking out about mental health and body shaming. She speaks about it often on her social media pages.

“This is a learning opportunity for all of us, this is the opportunity for me to just put this out there. If you want to make it public, let’s go ahead. Let’s talk about this publicly,” Lux said.

She said she really appreciated Shinedown bringing attention to the situation as well.

“It was their photo and their interview that the comments were placed on and there was no obligation for them to say anything, but I think when men speak up about issues like this that mostly target women, you’re reaching an audience that we can’t penetrate,” Lux said. “There’s some people who won’t hear me when I speak this message, but when men stand up behind us and stand with us we’re going to be able to reach a larger audience.”

She said she’s dealt with eating disorders her whole life and these comments could be triggering for her if she didn’t have a strong support system and hadn’t been consistently working on these issues with a therapist and psychiatrist.

“It’s so crazy to look back at photos of myself from high school and think about how many pairs of Spanx I would purchase to wear under a dress to a school dance when in reality I was all of 5’7″ and maybe 110 pounds,” Lux said. “Now as an adult, feeling secure and having a little bit of support from parents, from my psychiatrist, from my therapist, from friends, and seeing it from artists and other industry professionals, it kind of gave me the courage to let this one roll off the old back and take up talking about it.”

Her therapy journey began when she was clinically diagnosed with depression and anxiety during her freshman year of college in 2002. Now she sees a therapist once a week.

“I am seeing growth in myself like I’ve never seen, and it’s just something that I couldn’t do on my own,” Lux said.

Lux is hosting the Out of the Darkness walk put on by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk at Creve Coeur Lake Park on Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Click here to join her team. The walk has raised over $150,000 so far.

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