ST. LOUIS — Boeing is considering a substantial expansion in St. Louis County. The plan includes a $1.8 billion investment and the creation of over 500 jobs. The State of Missouri, in partnership with various organizations, is offering some incentives to encourage the aerospace leader to invest in the area.

Boeing’s St. Louis manufacturing facility, the country’s second-largest defense contractor, is at the heart of this initiative. More than 16,000 Missourians help produce advanced Boeing aircraft and technology in St. Louis. The state boasts a thriving aerospace and defense manufacturing sector, with over 100 aerospace manufacturers employing about 80,000 Missourians.

To facilitate Boeing’s expansion, the Missouri Development Finance Board has approved incentives, including the BUILD Program, the Missouri Works Deal Closing Fund, and Missouri One Start, to fuel this endeavor. These incentives will help drive growth for the region’s aerospace and defense industry.

Missouri-approved incentives:

  • BUILD Program – $8,849,162
  • Missouri Works Deal Closing Fund – $20,375,491
  • Missouri One Start – $8,500,000