BONNE TERRE, Mo. – Some Bonne Terre residents are expressing concerns over discolored water flowing through the water pipes inside their homes.

“After we had coffee, we looked at the water again, and it was almost like we ran coffee through the tap,” said Scott Kube, a Bonne Terre resident.

Bonne Terre city officials said the discoloration is the result of sediment buildup that worked its way through the system following a water flow test on certain fire hydrants. The city is flushing the water system to address the issue.

“I can’t give my son a bath,” said Makayla McEntire, a Bonne Terre resident.

She said washing dishes, cooking with water, and doing laundry are all on hold until the discoloration is gone.

Bonne Terre officials do not believe the water poses a health danger, but some residents are not convinced.

“It (the water) was brown, and then it went to gray and all kinds of colors,” said Michael Stokes, a Bonne Terre resident.

Residents said they would also like to receive a notification when water flow tests or system flushing take place.

“Put it on your water bill that we’re planning on doing it this day,” Kube said.