Book vending machine debuts at Wentzville intermediate school


Heritage Heritage Intermediate Elementary school teacher Natalie Grass tries out the new book machine.

WENTZVILLE, Mo. – Teachers and administration at Heritage Intermediate are excited about a new way to promote reading and positive behavior among students.

A book vending machine was recently delivered to the Wentzville school and now that teachers are starting to return, they are trying it out for themselves.

“I’ve wanted one for a really long time,” Principal Jodi Oliver said. “We’re just really excited.”  

The school had been saving up for a book vending machine and it was ordered last November through a company called Global Media.

Located in the school’s front lobby, the book vending machine only takes special golden tokens that students can earn by “doing the right thing or meeting a goal,” Oliver said.

Students also will receive a golden token to purchase a book for their birthday.

“We can’t wait for the students to see and get a chance to actually earn their way to get a book,” Oliver said.

Inside the vending machine is a variety of books suited for grades third through sixth.

“Every school that I’ve ever heard that has gotten one of these has just loved it,” Oliver said. 

The book vending machine is “really just a great way to promote reading within your school, and that’s something that I’m just really passionate about. We want to make kids excited about reading,” she said. 

Her goal as a principal is to “get kids invested and finding books that they love and want to read.”

“Whatever we can do to really help students to find books that they’re interested in and to really hook them on reading, that’s really the whole purpose in it. And that’s why it’s so exciting for us and for staff,” Oliver said.

The first day of school is Tuesday, Aug. 24.

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