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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A roller coaster at a Branson amusement park can reopen nearly three weeks after an 11-year-old boy from Tennessee was severely injured on the ride.

Missouri’s Amusement Ride Safety Unit inspected the Branson Coaster a final time Friday. Inspectors said the ride passed all safety requirements and could reopen.

Investigators examined the ride and tested it multiple times following the accident on June 20. They also reviewed operating procedures and interviewed park employees and witnesses.

Aalondo Perry, who is 11 and visually impaired, was found heavily entrapped at the Branson Coaster.

There’s no official word on what caused the accident, but his grandmother Shelandra Ford said the boy thought the ride had ended when it stopped on the tracks. So he stood up, and the ride started back up knocking him down. Aalondo then became trapped under the coaster.

Rescuers worked to free him and take him to the hospital. The accident nearly severed his legs.

Since then he’s had several blood transfusions, according to his grandmother. He was flown back to Memphis after swelling in his leg decreased enough that he could be moved.

At last word his family was waiting for a second opinion to see if Aalondo’s legs would have to be amputated.