WRIGHT CITY, Mo. – A car drove into the Osage County Guns store overnight in Wright City, and it appears thieves looking to get their hands on guns strike again.

The driver used a stolen Hyundai Sonata and crashed into the building around 1:40 a.m.

“Just rammed it through the front entrance. We have two sets of doors, inner and exterior. They managed to breech both,” said John Dawson, manager at Osage County Guns.

Investigators and store owners tell FOX 2 the suspects are accused in a smash-and-grab scheme in which they attempt to steal guns.

“The crew, which was totaling three car-fulls when they arrived, approximately 7 to 9 individuals entered, and smashed and grabbed as much as they could as fast as they could. They were gone in two minutes flat,” said Dawson.

It’s the second time this past week in which thieves have targeted a store in a smash-and-grab scheme between neighboring counties. A group crashed into an Academy Sports store in St. Charles County on Wednesday. It’s unclear if the two incidents are related at this time.

Dawson says the front entrance alarm and multiple motion alarms went off before 2 a.m. Saturday and he immediately called 911.

“Police had already been called by somebody that passed by, happened to see the activity, thought it was suspicious, and the police dispatched as quickly as they could,” he said.

Investigators say the building was empty when this happened. When police got to the scene, there was no sign of the suspects. Dawson said they missed them by less than a minute.

Dawson said the store has 4,000 firearms, and thieves took off with several weapons.

The suspects did leave a car at the scene, the one they hotwired and used to ram into the store. It was reported stolen from Lake St. Louis, just a few hours before they hit the store.

“So, they may have stolen it and came straight here after having stolen it, and parked it inside of our building,” said Dawson.

Authorities say this investigation is active, and they are looking for the group of up to 10 people responsible. If you have any information, contact the Wright City Police Department at 636-745-3541.

Osage County Guns will share updates about possible store closures on its website.